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Indian Lunch Buffet on Wednesday through Friday (11:30pm to 3:00pm)

Taste Of India's Indian lunch buffet features a wide selection of tandoor (clay oven), meat and vegetable items. Each day we have a different mix of tandoori chicken and vegetables, naan (bread), chicken, lamb and goat curries, and a large selection of vegetarian dishes such as Mattar Paneer, Vegetable Jalfrezi, Punjab Kadhi, Palak Bhutta and Malai Kofta.

In addition to the great entree choices Taste Of India offers freshly prepared salads, yogurts, chutney, papadums and pickles. No Indian buffet would be complete without the sweet palate being satisfied. At Taste Of India's we take care of your sweet tooth by offering our handmade selection of Rasmali, Gulab Jamun, Kheer or Gajar Halwa (sweet carrot pudding).

With a seating capacity of over 50, Taste Of India has plenty of room for the office crowd.

Come and be our guest!